Fustigit: gorram Git addresses

Fustigate — (verb) fus·ti·gate
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Fustigit will let you "parse" SCP-like address triplets using Ruby's baked-in URI library (... and just a moderate amount of monkey-patching) and turn them into probably-valid URI objects.

What's a Triplet?

A triplet is a format for specifying a remote resource, much like a URI. It looks like this:

# The username is optional but the hostname and pathname are not

Triplets predate the original ratification of the URI RFC, and are tricksy to parse if you're playing by URI rules since they don't define a protocol and they use a colon to separate the hostname from the pathname. scp and git are the two most common tools that still use triplets.

Why would I need to parse triplets?

The answer is usually "Git" (but sometimes it's scp). Git supports a conveniently inconvenient number of formats for expressing where a remote repository is located and/or what protocol should be used to connect to it. Some of them are perfectly valid URIs. Some of them are not. It's the ones that are not that may be a problem.

# These won't parse and they're both SUPER common
- example.com:path/to/repo.git
- [email protected]:user/project.git

# But these will parse, which is great since they're also SUPER common
- https://example.com/user/project.git
- http://example.com/user/project.git

Enter Fustigit.

How (do I use this)?

Carelessly Without a care in the world!

>> URI.parse "[email protected]:mckern/fustigit.git"
URI::InvalidURIError: bad URI(is not URI?): [email protected]:mckern/fustigit.git [/some/path/for/ruby/lib/ruby/2.1.0/uri/common.rb:176:in `split']
>> require 'fustigit'
=> true
>> uri = URI.parse "[email protected]:mckern/fustigit.git"
=> #<URI::SSH:0x007f8459131f98 URL:[email protected]:mckern/fustigit.git>
>> uri.host
=> "github.com"
>> uri.user
=> "git"
>> uri.path
=> "mckern/fustigit.git"
>> uri.to_s
=> "[email protected]:mckern/fustigit.git"

How (does it work)?

Careful use of Module#prepend and Module#extend in URI and URI::Parser, judicious use of regular expressions, and by defining a few new URI subclasses: URI::Git, URI::SSH, URI::SCP, and URI::RSYNC. Some of these classes then have the Triplet module mixed in, which helps smooth over the conversion between a valid RFC-compliant URI and an address triplet.

What if I'm using Addressable::URI instead of ::URI?

Take a look at Martin Emde's Gitable, which extends Addressable::URI with additional support for Git addresses.

Support & contribution?

In the spirit of Jordan Sissel (a hero to admins and operations people everywhere), if fustigit is not helping you parse weird Git addresses, then there is a bug in fustigit. Please open an issue or submit a pull request if something doesn't work.


Fustigate is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

"When in doubt, use brute force." ― Ken Thompson


Ryan McKern <[email protected]>