Fuel UX for Rails 3.1/Rails 4.0 Asset Pipeline

Extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls. Easy to install, customize, update, and optimize.

fuelux-rails project integrates Fuel UX into the Twitter Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 3.1/Rails 4.0 Asset Pipeline (Rails 3.2 supported)

Installing Gem

Include the FuelUX Rails gem in Gemfile to install it from RubyGems.org;

gem "fuelux-rails"

or you can install from latest build;

gem 'fuelux-rails', :git => 'git://github.com/stephenbaldwin/fuelux-rails.git'

You can run bundle from command line

bundle install

Installing to App (using Generators)

You can run following generators to get started with Twitter Bootstrap quickly.

Install (requires directives to Asset pipeline.)


rails g fuelux:install

Using with Less

Fuel UX was built with Preboot, an open-source pack of mixins and variables to be used in conjunction with Less, a CSS preprocessor for faster and easier web development.

Using stylesheets with Less

You have to require Fuel UX Rails LESS (fuelux.less) in your bootstrap_and_overrides.css.less

@import 'fuelux.less';

Using Javascripts

You have to require Fuel UX (fuelux.js) in your application.js

//= require fuelux.js

  /* Your javascripts goes here... */