# install the fucking favicon gem

  gem 'fucking_favicons'

  # make a fucking favicon - pro-tip since this gem resizes it make it big = 256x256 ish

  # you can either create one in the default location, for example

  ~> cd app/assets/images/

  ~> curl -sO

  # or you can configure the path where the generator will look

  <!-- drop it in yer fucking layoutz -->


    <%= render :template => 'fucking_favicons' %>



fucking_favicons.rb is the best gem in the world.

if you doubt this, read

fucking_favicons.rb is a rails engine, and rack middleware, which lets you provide a single favicon.png file for your project and let all the rest be dynamically generated on the fly. it also gives you a handy view that vommits this out:

the favicons are generated on the fly only once, and cached in memory. they are served with the last-modified time of the file on disk. so, this will peform just fine.

you can use this gem in rails, or a rack app

  # for rack apps

    use FuckingFavicons, :path => 'path/to/favicon.png'