The ruby client for Forward gives you a sharable URL for localhost websites/webapps.


# login/logout/switch accounts
forward login
forward accounts
forward logout 50east*
forward default 50east*

forward account:login
forward account:logout
forward account:default

# use default account
forward .
forward ~/Dev/static/blah
forward 3000
forward blah.local

# use specific account/subdomain
forward . -s tarface
forward 3000 -s 50east

> forward <port> [options]
> forward <host> [options]
> forward <host:port> [options]
> forward <path> [options]


   Share a server running on localhost:port over the web by tunneling
   through Forward. A URL is created for each tunnel.

Simple example:

  # You are developing a Rails site.

  > rails server &
  > forward 3000
    Forward created at

Assigning a static subdomain prefix:

  > rails server &
  > forward 3000 myapp
    Forward created at

Virtual Host example:

  # You are already running something on port 80 that uses
  # virtual host names.

  > forward
    Forward created at