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Formular renders HTML forms in a similar fashion to SimpleForm and other gems. It is lightning-fast, has zero coupling to any ORM or web framework, and makes no magical assumptions about the rendered form object.


While you can instantiate the form builder manually, it's easiest to use the form helper to do so. Include Formular::Helper or in rails, Formular::RailsHelper into your cell, view, or in a Rails controller as a helper.

module Post::Cell
  class New < Cell::ViewModel
    include Formular::Helper


class PostsController < ApplicationController
  helper Formular::RailsHelper

You should also configure what builder you want to use. This will wrap inputs correctly, and so on.

Formular::Helper.builder= :bootstrap3

In your view, you're now ready to use Formular's API to render forms.

Our basic builder ships with the following elements:

  • error_notification
  • form
  • fieldset
  • legend
  • div
  • span
  • p
  • input
  • hidden
  • label
  • error
  • hint
  • textarea
  • submit
  • select
  • checkbox
  • radio
  • wrapper
  • error_wrapper

We also provide builders for Twitter Bootstrap (v.3&4) and Zurb's Foundation (v.6)

To help you get started we've got some example Sinatra apps so you can see Formular in action:

Formular's API docs and information on how to extend it will be found on the Trailblazer project page once the page has been added 😉.

Key Features

  • Incredibly fast.
  • Customization: "Wrappers" are self-explaining objects. Ships with renderers for Foundation 6 and Bootstrap 3&4
  • No magic, no guessing, no hidden semantics.
  • A well-designed API instead of a configuration DSL. If you need to change behavior, program it.


  • Nested hashes aren't suffixed with active records _attributes.
  • Capturing only works with Slim and Hamlit. A 'blockless' API is provided to enable use in ERB but watch this space as improvements are coming for ERB


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'formular'

Requires Ruby >= 2.0.0


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.