Formatted Date

Formatting extensions for ruby time classes.

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Formatted Date extends the ruby built-in Date, Time, and DateTime classes to allow easier access to consistent output formats.



gem install formatted-date

or with Bundler (add to your Gemfile):

gem 'formatted-date'


require 'formatted-date'

Date.formats = {long: '%A, %B %-d, %Y'}
date =, 6, 11)
date.long            # => 'Wednesday, June 11, 2014'
date.long(date + 1)  # => 'Yesterday'
date.long(date)      # => 'Today'
date.long(date - 1)  # => 'Tomorrow'

Extended Classes

This gem extends the Date, Time, and DateTime classes to provide named formats. Formats are specified by setting the formats class variable for each class. They are called by simply using dot notation; this gem uses method_missing to provide dynamic methods so as long as the format is in the formats hash, it will be available.


When generating formatted strings, this library will try to replace date and time parts with such short alternatives as Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Midnight, and Noon. This behavior can be suppressed on a per-format basis by using appropriate parameters in the formats hash.

The Formats Hash

For each key-value pair in the formats hash, the key specifies the name of the format, and the method used to format the object. Make sure the format name does not clash with any method names on the objects, or you will be unable to use the format.

The values are generally hashes, but can be strings for Date objects. If the value is a string, it is passed on to strftime when getting the formatted object. If it is a hash, then the keys expected are (for Date objects):

  • format: the format string used for strftime
  • alternatives: false if you don't want the format to be replaced by the words Today, Tomorrow, or Yesterday, as appropriate.

For DateTime and Time objects, the values must be hashes. The keys of these hashes are:

  • date: the strftime format for the date part
  • time: the strftime format for the time part
  • glue: text to put between between the date and time parts (e.g. 'on'), surrounding spaces added automatically
  • alternatives: false to suppress using alternatives like Today, Midnight, or Noon, :date to only use date alternatives, and :time to only use time alternatives