This plugin adds support of Openstack V3 authentication requiring a scoped domain.


Currently tested only on Centos 7

Please make sure foreman-openstack package is installed.

Add the following to bundler.d/Gemfile.local.rb in your Foreman installation directory (/usr/share/foreman by default):

$ gem 'foreman_openstack_v3'

Then run the following commands:

# scl enable tfm bash
# gem install foreman_openstack_v3
# foreman-rake db:migrate

For more information see How_to_Install_a_Plugin.


This plugin updates the built-in 'OpenStack' compute resource. It simply adds a 'Domain' field in the compute resource creation form. The URL to connect must contain 'v3/auth/tokens' to work with V3. The first connection uses the password authentication method with unscoped authorization. Once the projects are detected and one of them is selected, it uses either password or token authentication with scoped authorization.


  • Add tests


Fork and send a Pull Request. Thanks!


Copyright (c) 2017 - Anthony Chevalet - The Foreman community

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