The foreman_noenv plugin introduces a new host-level option called 'Agent Specified Environment.' By default, if the global enc_environment Foreman setting is set to true, Foreman will explicitly set the puppet environment in the ENC YAML output. This overrides any local environment setting on the host it's self. This plugin allows you to disable this functionality and prevent Foreman from specifying the environment in the ENC output on an individual host basis without globally setting enc_environment to false.


If your Puppet workflow includes dynamic feature based environments (R10k), it's useful to be able to run puppet agent -t --environment=featureX on a host to test new Puppet code on individual hosts. With enc_environment set to true, this is impossible. One alternative would be to import the new environment(s) into Foreman, and then manually assign the test environment to the host using Foreman, but this is a long process.

Another alternative would be to set enc_environment to false, but this would stop Foreman from enforcing the environment globally. Many organizations prefer to have Foreman be authoritative for environment information, so this is not always a good option.

This plugin will allow you to disable this functionality on a per-host basis in Foreman offering greater flexibility and security and allowing the user to run puppet agent -t --environment=featureX on specific hosts.


Please see the Foreman manual for installation instructions:


After installing, to enable the plugin, set :noenv_enable: true in Foreman's settings.yml.


After instalilng and enabling the plugin, a new option named 'Agent Specified Environment' will appear under the 'Additional Information' tab of the host's properties. Check or uncheck this box based on the desired behavior.


Fork and send a Pull Request. Thanks!


Thank you to the following people who helped immensely with the creation of this plugin:

  • Stephen Benjamin
  • Dominic Cleal
  • Ohad Levy

Copyright (c) 2015 Josh Baird

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