Foreman Katello Rails Engine

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Bringing Katello specific code into Foreman.


Create bundler.d/katello.rb in your Foreman installation:

gem 'foreman-katello-engine'

How it works?

The gem modifies some of the Foreman functionality to play nice with Katello managed infrastructure. Often, just the HTML forms are slightly modified using a deface gem, leveraging the Foreman data model to model Katello entities.

Modified functionality

Host Group forms

New tab 'Activation Keys is added to the host groups form, exposing a select box for activation keys.

Also environments select box is improved to group Foreman environments by Katello organizations and environments.

The activation keys are modeled similarly using foreman custom params. The value entered into 'Activation Keys' is saved as kt_activation_keys custom parameter and can be used in the kickstart template like other parameters.

The activation keys are autocompleted for better user experience and the list of products for each used activation key is displayed at the bottom of the Katello tab.


Since this is a Rails engine, it needs a host app to test the functionality properly. Therefore to run the tests, you need to get the source for the Foreman, as well as setting the development environment.

The easiest way to do it is running this rake task:

rake test:foreman_prepare

This downloads the latest Foreman develop code, as well as installs required dependencies.

To run the whole suite use:

rake test

To execute a single test file run:

ruby -Itest:lib path/to/your_test.rb


Copyright (c) 2013 Red Hat Inc.

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