fog-ovirt is an ovirt provider for fog.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'fog-ovirt'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install fog-ovirt


Require the gem:

require 'fog/ovirt' 

Connect to ovirt instance:

compute =
          :provider         => "ovirt",
          :ovirt_username   => user,
          :ovirt_password   => password,
          :ovirt_url        => url,
          :ovirt_datacenter => uuid,
          :ovirt_ca_cert_store => ca_cert_store

API Support

This gem fully supports API V4 of oVirt. The first version does not give full support. The supported requests for API V4 are:

:vm_action, :destroy_vm, :create_vm, :update_vm (without os changes)
:list_virtual_machines, :get_virtual_machine
:list_templates, :get_template
:list_instance_types, :get_instance_type
:list_clusters, :get_cluster
:add_interface, :destroy_interface, :update_interface, :list_vm_interfaces, :list_template_interfaces
:list_vm_volumes, :list_template_volumes, :list_volumes, :add_volume, :destroy_volume, :update_volume
:list_quotas, :get_quota

Choosing api version

This example shows the usage as a fog provider:

client =
    :provider         => "ovirt",
    :ovirt_username   => user,
    :ovirt_password   => password,
    :ovirt_url        => url,
    :ovirt_datacenter => datacenter,
    :public_key       => public_key,

Feedback is welcome. Please feel free to open issues for the V4 support and contribute.


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