fog-ovirt is an ovirt provider for fog.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'fog-ovirt'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install fog-ovirt


Require the gem:

require 'fog/ovirt' 

Connect to ovirt instance:

compute =
          :provider         => "ovirt",
          :ovirt_username   => user,
          :ovirt_password   => password,
          :ovirt_url        => url,
          :ovirt_datacenter => uuid,
          :ovirt_ca_cert_store => ca_cert_store

API Support

This gem fully supports API v3 of oVirt.

Version 1.0.2 adds support API V4 as well. The first version does not give full support. The supported requests for API V4 are:

:vm_action, :destroy_vm, :create_vm
:list_virtual_machines, :get_virtual_machine
:list_templates, :get_template
:list_instance_types, :get_instance_type
:list_clusters, :get_cluster
:add_interface, :destroy_interface, :update_interface, :list_vm_interfaces, :list_template_interfaces
:list_vm_volumes, :list_template_volumes, :list_volumes, :add_volume, :destroy_volume, :update_volume
:list_quotas, :get_quota

Choosing api version

This example shows the usage as a fog provider:

client =
    :provider         => "ovirt",
    :ovirt_username   => user,
    :ovirt_password   => password,
    :ovirt_url        => url,
    :ovirt_datacenter => datacenter,
    :public_key       => public_key,
    :api_version      => 'v4'

The :api_version can be sent 'v3' or 'v4' to determine which API version to use.

Feedback is welcome. Please feel free to open issues for the V4 support and contribute.


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