How to install awesome FlyAdmin Rails Engine:

1) Open Paysite app 

2) Add to Paysite Gemfile 
  gem 'fly_admin', git: 'path_to_git_repo_with_fly_admin'
OR if it exists locally
  gem 'fly_admin', path: 'vendor/engines/fly_admin'

3) rake fly_admin:install:migrations
  3.1) rake db:migrate

4) rails g fly_admin:install

    --with-admin-user            # Create admin user
    --with-migrating-footer      # Migrate footers to fly_admin for old paysites 

6) Change needed settings in config/initializers/fly_admin.rb
  For example, change imbs/bornpay type of connection

5) Open localhost:3000/fly_admin and Have fun