fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple, a plugin for Fluentd

What is this

fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple is a fluentd output plugin to send values to Zabbix Server.

fluentd collect logs as JSON. fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple converts fluentd's JSON key to Zabbix key, and sends Zabbix key and its value to Zabbix Server.

  • You can define multiple key which you want to send, no size limitation.

  • You can use regex both key-pattern and key-replacement.

    • key-pattern (simply called pattern) is a key that is matched against fluentd's JSON key.
    • key-replacement (simple called replacement) is a key that is send to Zabbix Server if pattern matches fluentd's JSON key. Before sending to Zabbix Server, fluentd's JSON key is converted to Zabbix key according to the replacement.

How to Install

execute command gem install:

$ sudo gem install fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple

td-agent has its own Ruby ecosystem. If you have installed td-agent, you would use gem command included with td-agent.

$ sudo /usr/lib64/fluent/ruby/bin/gem isntall fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple

Installation Check

Zabbix Server Configuration

In advance, You shoud define zabbix items like this:

Key: httpd.status[2xx]
Type: Zabbix trapper
Type of information: Numeric(unsigned)

Key: httpd.status[3xx]
Type: Zabbix trapper
Type of information: Numeric(unsigned)


  • You must set Type to Zabbix trapper.

  • You must choose a appropriate Type of information.

Plugin Configuration and Test

To test fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple, create file:

  type forward
<match httpd.access.status_count>
  type zabbix_simple
  map_key1 httpd.access_(...)_count httpd.status[\1]

Save above file to fluentd.conf, execute fluentd:

$ fluentd -c ./fluent.conf -vv

If you have installed td-agent, execute a command like this:

$ /usr/sbin/td-agent -c ./fluent.conf -vv

Open another termina, send a test message to fluentd server.

$ echo '{"httpd.access_2xx_count":321}' | fluent-cat httpd.access.status_count

after a few seconds, confirm that the 321 has been recorded in the Zabbix Server.


name type description
type string type of plugin. fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple has "zabbix_simple".
zabbix_server string IP address or hostname of Zabbix Server.
port integer port no which zabbix Server uses(default is 10051).
host string hostname of sender(default is Socket.gethostname).
key_size integer size of map_key(default is 20)
map_key[n] string a space separated pattern and _replacement. You can use map_key0 as 0th map_key.

Use Many Keys

By default, key_map is scanned up to 20. You must specify key_size if you want to use key_map more than 20.

<match httpd.access.status_count>
  type zabbix_simple
  key_size 25
  map_key1  pattern1  replace1
  map_key2  pattern2  replace2
  map_key3  pattern3  replace3
  map_key4  pattern4  replace4
  map_key5  pattern5  replace5
  map_key6  pattern6  replace6
  map_key7  pattern7  replace7
  map_key8  pattern8  replace8
  map_key9  pattern9  replace9
  map_key10 pattern10 replace10
  map_key11 pattern11 replace11
  map_key12 pattern12 replace12
  map_key13 pattern13 replace13
  map_key14 pattern14 replace14
  map_key15 pattern15 replace15
  map_key16 pattern16 replace16
  map_key17 pattern17 replace17
  map_key18 pattern18 replace18
  map_key19 pattern19 replace19
  map_key20 pattern20 replace20
  map_key21 pattern21 replace21
  map_key22 pattern22 replace22
  map_key23 pattern23 replace23
  map_key24 pattern24 replace24
  map_key25 pattern25 replace25

Detail of matching

fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple lookups from map_key0 up to map_key[key_size], use the first matched map_key, ignore the rest of map_keys.

Copyright (c) 2013 NAKANO Hideo


Apache License, Version 2.0