🌲 Fluent::Plugin::Timber, a plugin for Fluentd

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A highly efficient Fluentd plugin that delivers events to the Timber.io logging service. It uses batching, msgpack, and retry logic for highly efficient and reliable delivery of log data.

Timber.io is a different kind of logging service with a focus on modern logging best-practices: easy setup, structured data, fast clean usable interface, 6 months of searchable retention, threshold based alerts, simple graphing, and more. Learn more at https://timber.io.


gem install fluent-plugin-timber


In your Fluentd configuration, use @type timber:

<match your_match>
  @type timber
  api_key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        # Your Timber API (required)
  hostname "#{Socket.gethostname}"           # Your hostname (required)
  # ip                             # IP address (optional)
  buffer_chunk_limit 1m                      # Must be < 5m
  flush_at_shutdown true                     # Only needed with file buffer


  • api_key - This is your Timber API key. You can obtain your key by creating an app in the Timber console. Registration is one click. If you already have an app, you can locate your API in your app's settings. See our API key docs.
  • hostname - This adds hostname as context to your logs, making it easy to filter by hostname in the Timber console.
  • ip - This adds ip as context to your logs, making it easy to filter by IP address in the Timber console.

For advanced configuration options, please see to the buffered output parameters documentation..

Questions? Need help? [email protected].