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fluent-plugin-tail-ex provides tail_ex input plugin. In addition to in_tail plugin features, this plugin support more feature for comfortable.

A main feature of the plugin is support path parameter expansions. A path parameter can be configured using glob and/or date format (strftime). Furthermore, the plugin append file path to the configured tag.

Note: In order to pass all tests, this plugin needs fluentd 0.10.26 or above.


Install it using gem:

$ gem install fluent-plugin-tail-ex


Below parameters are extended by this plugin:

  • path: can be specified using glob and strftime format.
  • tag: replace '*' with file path (using dot as a path separator).

And, below parameters are added by this plugin:

  • expand_date: control whether expand strftime format or not.
  • read_all: when new file is found, read from beginning of a file (default), instead of end of file (in_tail).
  • refresh_interval: seconds for re-expand path to find new/old files.

Moreover, all configuration parameters support some placeholders which provided by fluent-mixin-config-placeholders.

Sample configuration:

  type tail_ex
  path /var/log/**.log,/var/log/by-date/%Y/messages.%m/%Y%m%d
  tag tail_ex.*.${hostname}
  format /^(?<message>.*)$/
  pos_file /var/tmp/fluentd.pos
  refresh_interval 1800


Apache License, Version 2.0