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fluent-plugin-sumologic_output, a plugin for Fluentd

This plugin has been designed to output logs or metrics to SumoLogic via a HTTP collector endpoint


Released under Apache 2.0 License.


gem install fluent-plugin-sumologic_output


Configuration options for fluent.conf are:

  • data_type - The type of data that will be sent to Sumo Logic, either logs or metrics (Default is logs)
  • endpoint - SumoLogic HTTP Collector URL
  • verify_ssl - Verify ssl certificate. (default is true)
  • source_category* - Set _sourceCategory metadata field within SumoLogic (default is nil)
  • source_name* - Set _sourceName metadata field within SumoLogic - overrides source_name_key (default is nil)
  • source_name_key - Set as source::path_key's value so that the source_name can be extracted from Fluentd's buffer (default source_name)
  • source_host* - Set _sourceHost metadata field within SumoLogic (default is nil)
  • log_format - Format to post logs into Sumo. (default json)
    • text - Logs will appear in SumoLogic in text format (taken from the field specified in log_key)
    • json - Logs will appear in SumoLogic in json format.
    • json_merge - Same as json but merge content of log_key into the top level and strip log_key
  • log_key - Used to specify the key when merging json or sending logs in text format (default message)
  • open_timeout - Set timeout seconds to wait until connection is opened.
  • send_timeout - Timeout for sending to SumoLogic in seconds. Don't modify unless you see HTTPClient::SendTimeoutError in your Fluentd logs. (default 120)
  • add_timestamp - Add timestamp (or timestamp_key) field to logs before sending to sumologic (default true)
  • timestamp_key - Field name when add_timestamp is on (default timestamp)
  • proxy_uri - Add the uri of the proxy environment if present.
  • metric_data_format - The format of metrics you will be sending, either graphite or carbon2 or prometheus (Default is graphite)
  • disable_cookies - Option to disable cookies on the HTTP Client. (Default is false)
  • compress - Option to enable compression (default false)
  • compress_encoding - Compression encoding format, either gzip or deflate (default gzip)
  • custom_fields - Comma-separated key=value list of fields to apply to every log. more information
  • custom_dimensions - Comma-separated key=value list of dimensions to apply to every metric. more information

NOTE: * Placeholders are supported

Example Configuration

Reading from the JSON formatted log files with in_tail and wildcard filenames:

  @type tail
  format json
  time_key time
  path /path/to/*.log
  pos_file /path/to/pos/ggcp-app.log.pos
  time_format %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%NZ
  tag appa.*
  read_from_head false

<match appa.**>
 @type sumologic
 log_format json
 source_category prod/someapp/logs
 source_name AppA
 open_timeout 10

Sending metrics to Sumo Logic using in_http:

  @type http
  port 8888

<match test.carbon2>
    @type sumologic
    data_type metrics
    metric_data_format carbon2
    flush_interval 1s

<match test.graphite>
    @type sumologic
    data_type metrics
    metric_data_format graphite
    flush_interval 1s

Example input/output

Assuming following inputs are coming from a log file named /var/log/appa_webserver.log

{"asctime": "2016-12-10 03:56:35+0000", "levelname": "INFO", "name": "appa", "funcName": "do_something", "lineno": 29, "message": "processing something", "source_ip": ""}

Then output becomes as below within SumoLogic

    "asctime":"2016-12-10 03:56:35+0000",
    "message":"processing something",

Dynamic Configuration within log message

The plugin supports overriding SumoLogic metadata and log_format parameters within each log message by attaching the field _sumo_metadata to the log message.

NOTE: The _sumo_metadata field will be stripped before posting to SumoLogic.


  "name": "appa",
  "source_ip": "",
  "funcName": "do_something",
  "lineno": 29,
  "asctime": "2016-12-10 03:56:35+0000",
  "message": "processing something",
  "_sumo_metadata": {
    "category": "new_sourceCategory",
    "source": "override_sourceName",
    "host": "new_sourceHost",
    "log_format": "merge_json_log"
  "levelname": "INFO"

TLS 1.2 Requirement

Sumo Logic only accepts connections from clients using TLS version 1.2 or greater. To utilize the content of this repo, ensure that it's running in an execution environment that is configured to use TLS 1.2 or greater.