Output filter plugin for modifying each event record

Adding arbitary field to event record without custmizing existence plugin.

For example, generated event from in_tail doesn't contain "hostname" of running machine. In this case, you can use record_modifier to add "hostname" field to event record.


Use RubyGems:

gem install fluent-plugin-record-modifier


<match pattern>
  type record_modifier
  tag foo.filtered

  gen_host ${hostname}
  foo bar

If following record is passed:

{"message":"hello world!"}

then you got new record like below:

{"message":"hello world!", "gen_host":"oreore-mac.local", "foo":"bar"}



  • Adding following features if needed

    • Use HandleTagNameMixin to keep original tag
    • Remove record field
    • Replace record value
AuthorMasahiro Nakagawa
CopyrightCopyright (c) 2013- Masahiro Nakagawa
LicenseMIT License