Fluentd plugin to calculate min/max/avg/sum and specified percentile values (and 'num' of matched messages), which used in notifications (such as fluent-plugin-notifier)



To calculate about HTTP requests duration (microseconds) in 'duraion', with 90 and 95 percentile values:

<match apache.log.**>
  @type numeric_monitor

  @label @monitor_result
  tag monitor.duration

  unit minute

  aggregate all
  monitor_key duration
  percentiles 90,95
  input_tag_remove_prefix apache.log

<label @monitor_result>
  <match monitor.duration>
    # output result data into visualization tools or ...

Output messages like:



  • monitor_key (required)

    The key to monitor in the event record.

  • percentiles

    Activate the percentile monitoring. Must be specified between 1 and 99 by integer separeted by , (comma).

  • tag

    The output tag. Default is monitor.

  • tag_prefix

    The prefix string which will be added to the input tag. output_per_tag yes must be specified together (deprecated: use @label for event routing instead).

  • input_tag_remove_prefix

    The prefix string which will be removed from the input tag.

  • count_interval

    The interval time to monitor in seconds. Default is 60.

  • unit

    The interval time to monitor specified an unit (either of minute, hour, or day). Use either of count_interval or unit.

  • aggregate

    Calculate in each input tag separetely, or all records in a mass. Default is tag

  • output_per_tag

    Emit for each input tag. tag_prefix must be specified together. Default is no.

  • output_key_prefix

    The prefix string which will be added to the output key.

  • samples_limit

    The limit number of sampling. Default is 1000000.


  • more tests
  • more documents


  • Copyright
    • Copyright (c) 2012- TAGOMORI Satoshi (tagomoris)
  • License
    • Apache License, Version 2.0