Fluentd GELF output and formatter plugins

This is a fork of the fluent-plugin-gelf (https://github.com/emsearcy/fluent-plugin-gelf) created in order to publish a gem with the changes contained in pull request #34. The original pull request #34 will not be used, due to some problems discovered, and will be replaced by three smaller PRs which will implement the same change set, albeit in smaller chunks.


Fluentd GELF output and formatter plugins.


gem install fluent-plugin-gelf-hs

Output plugin configuration

<match **>
  type gelf
  host <remote GELF host>
  port <remote GELF port>
  protocol <tcp or udp (default)>
  tls <true or false (default)>
  tls_options <{} (default)> for options see https://github.com/graylog-labs/gelf-rb/blob/72916932b789f7a6768c3cdd6ab69a3c942dbcef/lib/gelf/transport/tcp_tls.rb#L7-L12
  [ fluent buffered output plugin configuration ]

Formatter plugin configuration

<match **>
  type file (any type that that takes a format argument)
  format gelf
  [ fluent file output plugin configuration ]