Cassandra plugin for Fluentd

Cassandra output plugin for Fluentd.

Implemented using the Datastax Ruby Driver for Apache Cassandra gem and targets CQL3 and Cassandra 1.2 - 3.x


This project is in an alpha state, so configuration params could be changed without changing of major version.

Be careful before updating.


via RubyGems

fluent-gem install fluent-plugin-cassandra-driver
td-agent-gem install fluent-plugin-cassandra-driver

Quick Start

Cassandra Configuration

# Create keyspace (via CQL)
  CREATE KEYSPACE metrics WITH strategy_class='org.apache.cassandra.locator.SimpleStrategy' AND strategy_options:replication_factor=1;

# Create table (column family)
  CREATE TABLE logs (id varchar, timestamp timestamp, json text, PRIMARY KEY (id, timestamp)) WITH CLUSTERING ORDER BY (timestamp DESC);

Fluentd.conf Configuration

<match cassandra.**>
  type cassandra_driver      # fluent output plugin file name (sans fluent_plugin_ prefix)
  hosts            # comma delimited string of hosts

  keyspace metrics           # cassandra keyspace
  column_family logs         # cassandra column family

  ttl 60                     # cassandra ttl (optional, default is 0)

  schema                     # cassandra column family schema (see example below)

  pop_data_keys              # pop values from the fluentd hash when storing it as json (optional, default is true)
  json_column json           # column where store all remaining data from fluentd (optional)

Schema example

# hash of hashes :column_damily_key => {:fluentd_record_key => :type_from_list}
# or :column_damily_key => :type_from_list
# then :fluentd_record_key will be the same as :column_damily_key
'{:id => {:ident => nil}, :timestamp => {:timestamp => :time}}'

Available mappings:

  • :integer
  • :string
  • :timeuuid
  • :time

All nil types will be recognized as string.