This is used by the build agent to notify the person who (most likely) started the build that their build is complete, whether or not it failed or passed.

The teamcity api is used to fetch information about the build because we cannot find it out in the environment.


  1. Add this gem to your Gemfile

  2. Set up a TeamCity account with access to all the projects being reported on and a Flowdock account with access to your team's flow - it will be the account sending messages to your team members. Put these bots' credentials into the configuration below.

  3. Make a .flowdock_build_notifier.yml file in the root of your project. An example is given below:

   flowdock_user_token: SECRET_FLOWDOCK_USER_TOKEN
   flow_name: FLOW_NAME

   teamcity_url: https://teamcity.your_account.com

     [email protected]: [email protected]
     [email protected]: [email protected]

For privacy, you should put this file in your .gitignore. Alternatively, TeamCity login information and flowdock user token can be left out of the yaml configuration file by assigning the following ENV variables on TeamCity if you prefer.


The email map is used to connect the author of the last commit to the corresponding Flowdock account.

  1. Under project settings on TeamCity, upload the following xml document as a meta-runner:
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <meta-runner name="Flowdock Notify">
     <description>Notify build status via flowdock</description>
       <parameters />
         <runner name="" type="simpleRunner">
             <param name="command.executable" value="bundle exec flowdock_notify" />
             <param name="command.parameters" value="%teamcity.build.id%" />
             <param name="teamcity.step.mode" value="default" />
       <requirements />

Meta-runner section

  1. Set up your build configuration steps to run bundle install initially. Make a final step which executes the notifier meta-runner regardless of previous failures.

Meta-runner configuration step

Use meta-runner in all cases

  1. If you want a particular build to report failure in the main flow instead of private messages, set ENV['FLOWDOCK_NOTIFY_ALL_ON_FAILURE'] to true.