FlockDB ruby client

FlockDB is a distributed graph database capable of storing millions of nodes, billions of edges, and handling tens of thousands of operations per second. Interact with it in ruby with this client.


gem install flockdb

FlockDB depends on thrift and thrift_client, which will install as part of the gem's dependencies. Note that thrift has a native C extension which it will need to compile.


Instantiate a client:

flockdb = Flock.new 'localhost:7915, :graphs => { :follows => 1, :blocks => 2 }

Flock.new is a convenience shortcut for Flock::Client.new. Flock.new expects a list (or a single) servers as the first argument, and an options hash. Flock::Client.new takes the same options as ThriftClient for configuring the raw thrift client, as well as :graphs for mapping ruby symbols to the corresponding graph ids. See thrift_client's documentation for information on the other options it takes.

Edge manipulation:

flockdb.add(1, :follows, 2)
flockdb.remove(1, :blocks, 2)

Perform a query:

flockdb.select(1, :follows, nil).to_a

The client supports a rich query api to build up complex set operations:

flockdb.select(nil, :follows, 1).difference(flockdb.select(1, :follows, nil).intersect(2, :follows, nil)).to_a


Nick Kallen Matt Freels Rael Dornfest Tina Huang


Copyright (C) 2010 Twitter, Inc.

This work is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for details.