This extension provides a simple way to handle flash messages. You can easily display notices, errors and warnings using the convinience method.


In your Rails app root, use the following command-line :

cd vendor/plugins hg clone bitbucket.org/Bounga/flash-helper If you want to install the flash_helper CSS file in your stylesheets directory, use : rake flash_helper:install


For example, in your layout use :


Then in your controllers you can use :

flash = “Successfully created…” flash = “Creation failed!” flash = @news.errors flash = “The new user has no blog associated…” If you're using Rails >= 2.2, you can translate plugin internal messages. For example in config/locales/fr.yml you can add :

  default_message: "Il y a des problèmes dans le formulaire :"

Tune display_flashes :

Options for flash helpers are optional and get their default values from the Bounga::FlashHelper::ViewHelpers.flash_options hash. You can write to this hash to override default options on the global level:

Bounga::FlashHelper::ViewHelpers.flash_options = 'my_notice' Available options (and their defaults) are :

:list_class => 'errors_list' :notice_class => 'notice' :errors_class => 'errors' :warning_class => 'warning' :default_message => 'There are problems in your submission:' By putting this into “config/initializers/flash_helper.rb” (or simply environment.rb in older versions of Rails) you can easily override any default option.


More information on [Project homepage](www.bitbucket.org/Bounga/flash-helper)

Problems, comments, and suggestions are welcome on the [ticket system](www.bitbucket.org/Bounga/flash-helper/tickets/new)

Copyright © 2008 Nicolas Cavigneaux, released under the MIT license