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A FilePicker / PaperClip mashup. Use Filepicker for uploads and paperclip to process them.

What FileClip Does

FileClip saves a filepicker url to your image table which is then processed by paperclip after the object is saved. This allows filepicker urls with paperclip styles while the image is being processed and the possibility for seamless image handling without having to process anything on your rails servers.

Minimum Viable Setup

Add to Paperclip table

class AddFileClipToImages < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def up
    add_column :images, :filepicker_url, :string

  def down
    remove_column :images, :filepicker_url

In Initializer

# config/initializers/fileclip.rb
FileClip.configure do |config|
  config.filepicker_key = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' = ["COMPUTER", "DROPBOX"]     # Defaults to ["COMPUTER"]
  config.max_size = 20                          # Megabytes, defaults to 20
  config.storage_path = "/assets/"              # Defaults to "/fileclip/"
  config.mime_types = "images/jpeg"             # Defaults to "images/*"
  config.file_access = "private"                # Defaults to "public"
  config.excluded_environments = []             # Defaults to ["test"]
  config.default_service = "DROPBOX"            # Defaults to "COMPUTER"

In Model

# models/image.rb
class Image << ActiveRecord::Base

  has_attached_file :attachment

  fileclip :attachment

In View

# Loads Filepicker js, and FileClip js
<%= fileclip_js_include_tag %>

<%= form_for( do |f| %>

  # provides a link that can be styled any way you choose
  # launches filepicker dialog and saves link to hidden field
  <%= link_to_fileclip "Choose a File", f %>

  <%= f.submit %>
<% end %>

# Specify a callback function that gets called when Filepicker completes
<%= link_to_fileclip "Choose a File", f, :callback => 'window.MyApp.filepickerCallback' %>

# For more control you can disable automatic Javascript initialization.
# You'll need to initialize the FileClip element yourself.
<%= link_to_fileclip "Choose a File", f, :class => '.my-filepicker', :js => false %>

# In your Javascript framework
(new FileClip).button('.my-filepicker');

Current FilePicker options hardcoded

  • container modal
  • location is S3


  • Unobtrusive. Normal paperclip uploads still work


This paperclip validation will return errors even if filepicker url is present:

  validates :attachment, :attachment_presence => true

However, this will work fine. It'll skip the attachment check if a filepicker url is present and validate if it's not.

  validates_attachment :attachment, :size => { :in => 0..1000 }, :presence => true