fhir_models Build Status

FHIR R4 Resource models generated from FHIR StructureDefinitions.

The StructureDefinitions, XML Schemas, and examples are reused from the HL7 FHIR build tools.

Getting Started

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake fhir:console


  • FHIR R4 Resource Models
  • XML and JSON support
  • Resource Validation
  • Not Supported
    • Primitive Extensions
    • FHIR Comments

Resource Basics

Using XML...

  xml = File.read('patient-example.xml')
  patient = FHIR.from_contents(xml)
  puts patient.to_xml

Using JSON...

  json = File.read('patient-example.json')
  patient = FHIR.from_contents(json)
  puts patient.to_json

Creating an Observation by hand...

  obs = FHIR::Observation.new(
    'status' => 'final',
    'code' => {
      'coding' => [{ 'system' => 'http://loinc.org', 'code' => '3141-9', 'display' => 'Weight Measured' }],
      'text' => 'Weight Measured'
    'category' => {
      'coding' => [{ 'system' => 'http://hl7.org/fhir/observation-category', 'code' => 'vital-signs' }]
    'subject' => { 'reference' => 'Patient/example' },
    'context' => { 'reference' => 'Encounter/example' }
  obs.valueQuantity = FHIR::Quantity.new(
    'value' => 185,
    'unit' => 'lbs',
    'code' => '[lb_av]',
    'system' => 'http://unitsofmeasure.org'

### Validation

Using built in validation...

  patient.valid? # returns true or false
  patient.validate # returns Hash of errors, empty if valid

Using a profile or structure definition...

  sd = FHIR::Definitions.resource_definition('Patient')
  sd.validates_resource?(patient) # passing in FHIR::Patient
  # Validation failed? Get the errors and warnings...
  puts sd.errors
  puts sd.warnings


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