fcgi - The New generation of FastCGI library for Ruby.



C version

* ((<libfcgi|URL:http://www.fastcgi.com/#TheDevKit>))(FastCGI Developer's Kit)

Pure Ruby Version

* StringIO


$ gem install fcgi


Class Method

— FCGI.accept

Returns FCGI instance

— FCGI.each

— FCGI.each_request

— FCGI.is_cgi?

— FCGI.each_cgi

Automatically detects whether this program is running under the FastCGI
environment, and generates a 'CGI' type object for each request. Also
installs signal handlers for graceful handling of SIGPIPE (which may
occur if a client gives up on a request before it is complete) and
SIGUSR1 (generated by Apache for a 'graceful' exit)

If you are using the HTML output methods you can also pass the HTML type
e.g. FCGI.each_cgi('html3') do ... end

However, you should beware that the CGI library is quite slow when
used in this way, as it dynamically adds a large number of methods
to itself each time a new instance is created.

Instance Method

— FCGI#finish


— FCGI#in

Returns Stream or StringIO

— FCGI#out

Returns Stream or StringIO

— FCGI#err

Returns Stream or StringIO

— FCGI#env

Returns Environment(Hash)


Using the FastCGI native interface:

require "fcgi"

FCGI.each {|request|
  out = request.out
  out.print "Content-Type: text/plain\r\n"
  out.print "\r\n"
  out.print Time.now.to_s

Using the CGI-compatible interface, which works both as a standalone CGI and under FastCGI with no modifications:

require "fcgi"

FCGI.each_cgi {|cgi|
  name = cgi['name'][0]
  puts cgi.header
  puts "You are #{name} " if name
  puts "Connecting from #{cgi.remote_addr}"

Note: you can’t reference CGI environment variables using ENV when under FastCGI. It is recommended that you use the CGI-generated methods, e.g. cgi.remote_addr as above.

If you need to access environment variables directly, perhaps extra ones set in your Apache config, then use cgi.env_table instead. This isn’t quite as portable because env_table is a private method in the standard CGI library.


fcgi.c     0.1   Copyright (C) 1998-1999  Network Applied Communication Laboratory, Inc.
           0.8   Copyright (C) 2002 MoonWolf <[email protected]>
           0.9   Copyright (C) 2013 mva <[email protected]> Alpha, LLC

fastcgi.rb 0.7   Copyright (C) 2001 Eli Green
fcgi.rb    0.8   Copyright (C) 2002 MoonWolf <[email protected]>
fcgi.rb    0.8.5 Copyright (C) 2004 Minero Aoki