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This plugin simply uploads a given file to your Slack.

Sometimes as part of CI builds you want to generate some files from the project that might be valuable for your team. You can think about documentation or screenshots of the application on different devices. With slack_uplaod it's easy to send them to dedicated Slack channel or directly to your teammates.

Note: Fastlane comes with slack plugin by default, although it uses slack-notifier API that doesn't support uploading files.

Getting Started

  1. Generate Slack token for Fastlane bot

    • From your Slack organization page, go to Manage -> Custom Integrations
    • Open Bots
    • Add Configuration
    • Choose a name for your bot, e.g. "fastlane"
    • Save API Token
  2. Add plugin to fastlane

fastlane add_plugin slack_upload
  1. Add slack_upload to your lane in Fastfile whenever you want to upload the file

In the following example we generate screenshots (More info) and send them to #general channel

lane :screenshots_lane do

    version = get_version_number

    # Generate screenshots

    # Zip screenshots folder
      path: "./fastlane/screenshots",
      output_path: "./fastlane/"

    # Upload to slack
            slack_api_token: "xyz", # Preferably configure as ENV['SLACK_API_TOKEN']
            title: "New version #{version} is available ",
            channel: "#general",
            file_path: "./fastlane/",
            initial_comment: "Changelog goes here"

Run tests for this plugin

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To automatically fix many of the styling issues, use

rubocop -a

Issues and Feedback

For any other issues and feedback about this plugin, please submit it to this repository.


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