semantic_release plugin for fastlane

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Getting Started

fastlane add_plugin semantic_release


Automated version managment and generator of release notes. Inspired by semantic-release for npm packages. Based on conventional commits.


Semantic Release for Fastlane @ Medium - By Jiri Otahal

Available Actions


  • parses all commits since last version
  • groups those commits by their type (fix, feat, docs, refactor, chore, etc)
  • and creates formated release notes either in markdown or in slack format

Available parameters:

  • format: 'slack|markdown|plain' (defaults to markdown). This formats the changelog for the destination you need. If you're using this for TestFlight changelogs, we suggest using the plain option
  • title: 'My Title' - is appended to the release notes title, "1.1.8 My Title (YYYY-MM-DD)"
  • display_title: true|false (defaults to true) - allows you to hide the entire first line of the changelog
  • display_links: true|false (defaults to true) - allows you to hide links to commits from your changelog
  • commit_url: '' - prepended to the commit ID to build usable links
  • View other options by searching for available_options in conventional_changelog.rb


notes = conventional_changelog(format: 'slack', title: 'Android Alpha')


  • analyzes your git history
  • finds last tag on current branch (for example ios/beta/1.3.2)
  • parses the last version from tag (1.3.2)
  • gets all commits since this tag
  • analyzes subject of every single commit and increases version number if there is a need (check conventional commit rules)
  • if next version number is higher then last version number it will recommend you to release this version


  • ignore_scopes: ['android','windows']: allows you to ignore any commits which include a given scope, like this one: feat(android): add functionality not relevant to the release we are producing

Example usage:

isReleasable = analyze_commits(match: 'ios/beta*')

It provides these variables in lane_context.

['RELEASE_ANALYZED', 'True if commits were analyzed.'],
['RELEASE_IS_NEXT_VERSION_HIGHER', 'True if next version is higher then last version'],
['RELEASE_LAST_TAG_HASH', 'Hash of commit that is tagged as a last version'],
['RELEASE_LAST_VERSION', 'Last version number - parsed from last tag.'],
['RELEASE_NEXT_MAJOR_VERSION', 'Major number of the next version'],
['RELEASE_NEXT_MINOR_VERSION', 'Minor number of the next version'],
['RELEASE_NEXT_PATCH_VERSION', 'Patch number of the next version'],
['RELEASE_NEXT_VERSION', 'Next version string in format (major.minor.patch)'],

And you can access these like this:

next_version = lane_context[SharedValues::RELEASE_NEXT_VERSION]


To run the test suite (contained in ./spec), call bundle exec rake


If you need anything ping us on twitter.

Jiri Otahal