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This fastlane plugin enables you to create Android apps on Managed Google Play.


Add this plugin to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin managed_google_play

About managed_google_play

The plugin fastlane-plugin_managed_google_play offers two actions to first enable custom apps for a user account (needed once) and then create such apps. Here is how to use it:

  1. If you haven't done so before, start by following the first two steps of Googles "Get started with custom app publishing" -> "Preliminary setup" instructions: "Enable the Google Play Custom App Publishing API" and "Create a service account". You need the "service account's private key file" to continue.

  2. Enable account to create and publish custom apps

Manually run the get_managed_play_store_publishing_rights action on the command line in your project:

   fastlane run get_managed_play_store_publishing_rights

It will ask for the json_key which you answer by pasting the full path of the private key file. The command will output a URL to visit. After logging in you are redirected to a page that outputs your "Developer Account ID" - take note of that, you will need it shortly.

Note: If your account is already enabled to create custom apps, you can of course skip this step. It only has to executed once for your account to be able to upload custom apps.

  1. Create custom app on Managed Play Store

Now you can run the create_app_on_managed_play_store action.

   fastlane run create_app_on_managed_play_store

This action will ask for the following parameters:

  • json_key = Same file as before
  • developer_account_id = Use the one you received in the previous step
  • app_title = Your app's title
  • language = Primary language in BCP 47 format, e.g. en_US
  • apk = Path of your .apk file

Of course you can also create a lane using the action (if you will do it more than once for example), that could look like this:

   app_title = 'Your app title'
   language = 'en_US'
   apk = '/files/app-release.apk'
     json_key: ENV['JSON_KEY_FILE'],
     developer_account_id: ENV['DEVELOPER_ACCOUNT_ID'],
     app_title: app_title,
     language: language,
     apk: apk

When the action is finished your app is created in the Google Play Console.



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TODO document parameters


Check out the example Fastfile to see how to use this plugin. Try it by cloning the repo, running fastlane install_plugins and bundle exec fastlane test.

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rubocop -a

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