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Getting Started

This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-bugsnag_sourcemaps_upload, add it to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin bugsnag_sourcemaps_upload

About bugsnag_sourcemaps_upload

Helps to generate and upload React Native sourcemaps to Bugsnag


# Generate and upload soucemaps
  api_key: 'YOUR_BUGSNAG_API_KEY',
  app_version: '1.0.0'

# Uploading Hermes generated soucemaps
  api_key: 'YOUR_BUGSNAG_API_KEY',
  app_version: '1.0.0',
  generate_sourcemaps: false,
  platform: 'android',
  sourcemaps_dir: 'android/app/build/generated',
  sourcemap: 'sourcemaps/react/release/index.android.bundle.map',
  bundle: 'assets/react/release/index.android.bundle'

Available options

Option Description Environment variable Default value
api_key* API key BUGSNAG_API_KEY
app_version Target app version BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_APP_VERSION
code_bundle_id CodePush bundle ID BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_CODE_BUNDLE
platform Target platform BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_PLATFORM ios
sourcemaps_dir Sourcemaps directory BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_DIR /tmp
sourcemap Override path to sourcemaps(relative path to sourcemaps_dir) BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_NAME platform.bundle.map
bundle Override path to minified file(relative path to sourcemaps_dir) BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_BUNDLE_NAME platform.bundle
minified_url Override minified url BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_MINIFIED_URL index.android.bundle or main.jsbundle
overwrite Overwrite sourcemaps in Bugsnag BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_OVERWRITE true
wildcard_prefix Add wildcard prefix BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_WILDCARD_PREFIX false
generate_sourcemaps Generate sourcemaps using react-native bundle BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_GENERATE true
upload_sources Upload source files referenced by the source map BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_UPLOAD_SOURCES true
upload_modules Upload dependency files referenced by the source map BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_UPLOAD_MODULES false
entry_file React-native app index file path BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_ENTRY_FILE index.js
endpoint Bugsnag endpoint(when using Bugsnag On-premise) BUGSNAG_SOURCEMAPS_ENDPOINT

* - required

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rubocop -a

Issues and Feedback

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