FakeS3 is a lightweight server that responds to the same calls Amazon S3 responds to.
It is extremely useful for testing of S3 in a sandbox environment without actually making calls to Amazon, which not only require network, but also cost you precious dollars.

The goal of Fake S3 is to minimize runtime dependencies and be more of a development tool to test S3 calls in your code rather than a production server looking to duplicate S3 functionality. Trying RiakCS, ParkPlace/Boardwalk, or Ceph might be a place to start if that is your goal.

FakeS3 doesn't support all of the S3 command set, but the basic ones like put, get, list, copy, and make bucket are supported. More coming soon.


gem install fakes3


To run a fakes3 server, you just specify a root and a port.

fakes3 -r /mnt/fakes3_root -p 4567

Connecting to FakeS3

Take a look at the test cases to see client example usage. For now, FakeS3 is mainly tested with s3cmd, aws-s3 gem, and right_aws. There are plenty more libraries out there, and please do mention if other clients work or not.

Here is a running list of supported clients

Running Tests

Start the test server using

rake test_server

Then in another terminal window run

rake test

It is a TODO to get this to be just one command

More Information

Check out the wiki