Face Control

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Run static analysis of pull requests in Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash) and comment on problems in added lines.

Currently supports RuboCop and CoffeeLint and also checks for TODOs and FIXMEs.

Inspired by Hound.


gem install face_control

You also need to have CoffeeLint installed and available in PATH.


face-control <project> <repository> <pull_request_id>

It's natural to run this on a continuous integration server (see “Example” below).

If you don't want to receive RuboCop comments with certain severity level, pass the severity in the --skip-severity option like so:

face-control --skip-severity convention <project> <repository> <pull_request_id>

Instead of --skip-severity you can use just -S.

You can also pass multiple severity levels as a comma-separated list:

face-control -S convention,refactor <project> <repository> <pull_request_id>

face-control uses the same configuration file (~/.stashconfig.yml) as the official Bitbucket Server Command Line Tools to connect to your Stash instance.


Here's a Jenkins project setup as an example:

Source Code Management → Git → Repositories → Refspec:


It makes Jenkins fetch otherwise ignored Stash-created branches.

Source Code Management → Git → Branches to build → Branch Specifier:


Merge results of open non-conflicting pull requests.

Build → Execute shell → Command:

export PULL_REQUEST_ID=`echo $GIT_BRANCH | cut -d / -f 3`

gem install rubocop face_control
npm install -g coffeelint

face-control <project> <repository> $PULL_REQUEST_ID


Face control in Wikipedia.

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