Every day… IRB [version] Test

Provides utility methods useful in IRB, like a rq method for requiring libraries, or ls for showing the list of files of the current directory. Part of Irbtools.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem "every_day_irb"


Execute this:

extend EveryDayIrb

to get the following methods:

  • ls(path = '.')
  • cd(path = nil)
  • cat(path)
  • rq(lib)
  • rr(lib)
  • ld(lib)
  • rerequire(lib)
  • clear
  • reset!

More info at the Irbtools README and in the specs.

MIT License

Copyright (C) 2010-2022 Jan Lelis https://janlelis.com. Released under the MIT license.