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Event Hub Command Line Tool includes the following features

  • Dump and Restore database
  • Deploy configurations files
  • Scaffold, Packaging, and Deploy components
  • Manage Repositories
  • Manage Statges
  • Manage Proxies


Install gem and make command provided by this gem available

$ gem i eventhub-command
$ rbenv rehash

First time running the command

$ eh
Created empty config file. Please run 'eh repository add'

Run again:

$ eh repository add /Users/foo/eventhub/branches/master username password

NOTE: username and password you specify here are from the deploy user.


Some commands (e.g. deploy commands) will use stages to determine where to deploy. Those stage files are now stored in the eventhub SVN repository under config/ directory

The file name is the name of the stage, the content describes environments, hosts, ports and users to use.


Help and description for the commands can be obtained through:

eh help

and more specific for a single command