Provides an application infrastructure based on the Sencha/extjs UI framework, as well as several utilities and example applications. It houses the core application container framework and component model infrastructure that play a key role in the RAD/Agile orientation of CompassAE.

Initializer Options

  • widgets
    • This should be let as an empty array. CompassAE will add any available widgets if finds.
    • Default : []
  • session_warn_after
    • This is the time in minutes when the user will be warned that thier session is about to expire due to inactivity.
    • Default : 18
  • session_redirect_after
    • This is the time in minutes a user will be redirected to the login screen. It should be set to mimic your Rails configuration
    • Default : 20

Override Initializer

To override these settings simple create a erp_app.rb file in your initializers and override the config options you want

Rails.application.config.erp_app.configure do |config|
  config.widgets = []
  config.session_warn_after = 18 #in minutes
  config.session_redirect_after = 20 #in minutes