RNP adapter provides OpenPGP-compliant cryptography via RNP library.


This adapter requries two additional pieces of software to be installed:

  1. RNP library, version 0.9.2 or newer

  2. rnp gem, version 1.0.1 or newer


Following adapter-specific options are supported:


Optional. Path to RNP home directory, which contains public and secret keyrings. In most situations, RNP is able to read GnuPG home directories, hence it’s common to set it to <your_home_directory>/.gpg. Defaults to <your_home_directory>/.rnp.


Optional. User id or e-mail which identifies key which will be used for message signing. By default, first address from mail’s From field is used.


Optional. Password for signer’s key. Can be a string or proc, see rnp gem documentation for Rnp#password_provider=.

Native extensions

The rnp gem depends on ffi gem, which includes native extensions.

Issue tracker

Bugs, feature requests, and other issues are tracked with adapter: rnp label: https://github.com/riboseinc/enmail/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22adapter%3A+rnp%22