Get energy use estimates for flights, rail trips, and automobile trips (more coming soon!). BETA from Brighter Planet.


This is beta software and subject to change at any time.


Fuel used by a Bentley

?> Energy::AutomobileTrip.fuel_use(:make => 'Bentley', :distance => 500)
=> [how many litres of gas a Bentley uses to drive 500km]

Fuel used by a Continental Airlines flight

?> Energy::Flight.fuel_use(:airline => 'Continental Airlines')
=> [how many litres of aviation fuel a Continental Airlines flight consumes]

Fuel used by an Amtrak train

?> Energy::RailTrip.fuel_use(:rail_class => 'intercity', :distance => 500)
=> [how many litres of diesel an intercity uses over 500km]


  • always provide a conversion of, for example, fuel use in litres to energy use in joules to be true to the intent of the gem

  • decide how we expect people to use this gem (maybe it should be more like Carbon and not define its own classes)

  • hit or directly

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