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Endicia Label Server

Endicia Label Server Gem for accessing the Endicia Label Server API from Ruby. Using the gem you can: - Return quotes from the Endicia Label Server API - Book shipments - Return labels and tracking numbers for a shipment

This gem is currently used in production at Veeqo


sh $ gem install endicia_label_server-ruby

…or add it to your project’s Gemfile.


Yard documentation can be found at RubyDoc.

Sample Usage

Return rates

sh # For testing on the command line $ rake console

ruby require 'endicia_label_server' server = true) response = server.rate do |rate_builder| rate_builder.add :certified_intermediary, { account_id: ENV['ENDICIA_ACCOUNT_ID'], pass_phrase: ENV['ENDICIA_PASS_PHRASE'] # or token: ENV['ENDICIA_TOKEN'] } rate_builder.add :requester_id, ENV['ENDICIA_REQUESTER_ID'] rate_builder.add :mail_class, EndiciaLabelServer::SERVICES.keys.first rate_builder.add :mailpiece_dimensions, { length: '10', width: '10', height: '10' } rate_builder.add :weight_oz, "2" rate_builder.add :from_postal_code, '90210' rate_builder.add :to_postal_code, '02215' rate_builder.add :to_country_code, 'US' end

ruby # Then use... response.success?

Running the tests

After installing dependencies with bundle install, you can run the unit tests using rspec.