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Ruby library providing low level operations for dealing with Emoji glyphs in the Unicode standard. :cool:

EmojiData is like a swiss-army knife for dealing with Emoji encoding issues. If all you need to do is translate :poop: into :poop:, then there are plenty of other libs out there that will probably do what you want. But once you are dealing with Emoji as a fundamental part of your application, and you start to realize the nightmare of doublebyte encoding or variants, then this library may be your new best friend. :raised_hands:

EmojiData is used in production by Emojitracker.com to parse well over 100M+ emoji glyphs daily. :dizzy:


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'emoji_data'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install emoji_data

Currently requires RUBY_VERSION >= 1.9.3.



Full API documentation is available via YARD or here: http://rubydoc.info/github/mroth/emoji_data.rb/master/frames


Here are some examples of the type of stuff you can do:

>> require 'emoji_data'
=> true

>> EmojiData.from_unified('1f680')
=> #<EmojiData::EmojiChar:0x007f8fdba33b40 @variations=[], @name="ROCKET",
@unified="1F680", @docomo=nil, @au="E5C8", @softbank="E10D", @google="FE7ED",
@image="1f680.png", @sheet_x=25, @sheet_y=4, @short_name="rocket",
@short_names=["rocket"], @text=nil, @apple_img=true, @hangouts_img=true,

>> EmojiData.all.count
=> 845

>> EmojiData.all_with_variants.count
=> 107

>> EmojiData.find_by_short_name("moon").count
=> 13

>> EmojiData.all.select(&:doublebyte?).map(&:short_name)
=> ["hash", "zero", "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six", "seven",
"eight", "nine", "cn", "de", "es", "fr", "gb", "it", "jp", "kr", "ru", "us"]

>> EmojiData.find_by_name("tree").map { |c| [c.unified, c.name, c.render] }
=> [["1F332", "EVERGREEN TREE", "🌲"], ["1F333", "DECIDUOUS TREE", "🌳"],
["1F334", "PALM TREE", "🌴"], ["1F384", "CHRISTMAS TREE", "🎄"], ["1F38B",

>> EmojiData.scan("I ♥ when marketers talk about the ☁. #blessed").each do |ec|
?>   puts "Found some #{ec.short_name}!"
>> end
Found some hearts!
Found some cloud!
=> [...]


Please be sure to run rake spec and help keep test coverage at :100:.

There is a full benchmark suite available via scripts/benchmark.rb. Please run before and after your changes to ensure you have not caused a performance regression.


The MIT License (MIT)