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Jira input plugin for Embulk

embulk-input-jira is the Embulk input plugin for JIRA.


Required Embulk version >= 0.9.20

  • Plugin type: input
  • Resume supported: no
  • Cleanup supported: no
  • Guess supported: yes


Since JIRA is going to deprecate the basic authentication with passwords and cookie-based authentication to their APIs, we highly recommend you to use email and API key to authenticate to JIRA APIs. Deprecated notice

  • username JIRA username or email (string, required)
  • password JIRA password or API keys (string, required)
  • uri JIRA API endpoint (string, required)
  • jql JQL for extract target issues (string, required)
  • columns target issue attributes. You can generate this configuration by guess command (array, required)
  • retry_initial_wait_sec: Wait seconds for exponential backoff initial value (integer, default: 1)
  • retry_limit: Try to retry this times (integer, default: 5)


  type: jira
  username: USERNAME
  password: PASSWORD
  uri: http://localhost:8090
  jql: project = PRO AND summary~Fix
    - {name: id, type: long}
    - {name: key, type: string}
    - {name:, type: string}
    - {name: summary, type: string}
    - {name:, type: string}


$ ./gradlew gem       # -t to watch change of files and rebuild continuously