Google Spreadsheets input plugin for Embulk

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Embulk input plugin to load records from Google Spreadsheets.


  • Plugin type: input


name type requirement default description
auth_method string optional authorized_user service_account, authorized_user, compute_engine, or application_default
json_keyfile string optional keyfile path or content
spreadsheets_url string required
worksheet_title string required worksheet title
start_column integer optional 1
start_row integer optional 1
end_row integer optional -1 -1 means loading records until an empty record appears.
max_fetch_rows integer optional 10000 Load data from a worksheet for each numerical value specified by this option.
null_string string optional '' Replace this value to NULL
stop_on_invalid_record boolean optional true
default_timestamp_format string optional '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%N %z'
default_timezone string optional 'UTC'
default_typecast string optional 'strict'
columns array required
about keyfile
  • if auth_method is compute_engine or application_default, this option is not required.
  • if auth_method is authorized_user, this plugin supposes the format is the below.
  • if auth_method is service_account, set the service account credential json file path.
about columns
  • name: column name
  • type: boolean, long, double, string, timestamp, json
  • format: timestamp format like '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%N %z'
  • timezone: timezone
  • typecast: you can choose strict, loose, minimal (default: strict)
    • strict: raise TypecastError if typecasting is failed.
    • loose : set NULL value if typecasting is failed.
    • minimal : typecast minimally.


Run example:

  1. Execute example/setup_authorized_user_credentials.rb if you don't have credentials, then
$ embulk bundle install --path vendor/bundle
$ embulk run -b . -l trace example/config_authorized_user.yml

Run test:

$ bundle exec rake test

To run tests which actually connects to Google Spreadsheets such as test/test_google_spreadsheets_client.rb, prepare a json_keyfile at example/service_account_credentials.json, then

$ bundle exec ruby test/test_google_spreadsheets_client.rb
$ bundle exec ruby test/test_example.rb

Release gem:

Fix gemspec, then

$ bundle exec rake release


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