This library is deprecated

The API endpoints currently living in elasticsearch-xpack will be moved into elasticsearch-api in version 8.0.0 and forward. You should be able to keep using elasticsearch-xpack and the xpack namespace in 7.x. We're running the same tests in elasticsearch-xpack, but if you encounter any problems, please let us know in this issue.

However, be aware in 8.0, the xpack library and namespace won't be available anymore.

A Ruby integration for the X-Pack extension for Elasticsearch.


Install the package from Rubygems:

gem install elasticsearch-xpack


If you use the official Ruby client for Elasticsearch, require the library in your code, and all the methods will be automatically available in the xpack namespace:

require 'elasticsearch'
require 'elasticsearch/xpack

client = Elasticsearch::Client.new(url: 'http://elastic:[email protected]:9200')

# => {"build"=> ..., "features"=> ...}

The integration is designed as a standalone Elasticsearch::XPack::API module, so it's easy to mix it into a different client, and the methods will be available in the top namespace.

For documentation, look into the RDoc annotations in the source files, which contain links to the official X-Pack for the Elastic Stack documentation.

For examples, look into the examples folder in this repository.

You can use the provided test:elasticsearch Rake task to launch a Docker-based Elasticsearch node with the full X-Pack license preinstalled.


This software is licensed under the Apache 2 license.