Push notification service for restaurant Einstein.

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How to use

Today's menu


Push to phone

Einstein has build in support for Prowl.
Just pass you api key to #push_to and the menu will be push to you phone within seconds.


What's being returned?

#dishes returns an array of strings containing each dish for the given day.

What is being push to the phone?

Example push

Real world example

Here is a real world example using whenever.
It will push today's menu directly to your iPhone each day at 11:45 AM.

1 . Install whenever. gem install whenever.
2 . Navigate to your application, run wheneverize ..
3 . Add these lines to your config/schedule.rb file.

require "einstein"

every 1.day, at: "11:45 am" do 
  runner 'Einstein::Menu.new(:today).push_to("6576aa9fa3fc3e18aca8da9914a166b3")'

4 . Create the cron task using whenever.
5 . Done!

How to install

[sudo] gem install einstein



Einstein is released under the MIT license.