Ruby Eco

Ruby Eco is a bridge to the official Eco compiler for embedded CoffeeScript templates.

require "eco"

# => "function(...) {...}"

context = Eco.context_for("Hello <%= @name %>")"render", :name => "Sam")
# => "Hello Sam"

Eco.render("Hello <%= @name %>", :name => "world")
# => "Hello world"


$ gem install eco


This library depends on the eco-source gem which is updated any time a new version of Eco is released. (The eco-source gem's version number is synced with each official Eco release.) This way you can build against different versions of Eco by requiring the correct version of the eco-source gem.

In addition, you can use this library with unreleased versions of Eco by setting the ECO_SOURCE_PATH environment variable:

export ECO_SOURCE_PATH=/path/to/eco/dist/eco.js

Ruby CoffeeScript

The Ruby CoffeeScript library is used to load the CoffeeScript compiler source. See the README for information on loading a specific version of the CoffeeScript compiler.


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