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This gem is a powerful and easy to use web development tool that helps developing modern web sites in a comfortable and fast way by generating static html pages.

ehg utilizes:

ehg supports:

  • Bootstrap for responsive and modern html layouts
  • HeadJS for performance optimized resource loading
  • Bower for javascript dependency management
  • Grunt for javascript based task management
  • analytics code injections for visitor tracking
  • minimizing of coffee-, javascript-, sass-, css-, html-, haml-, png- and jpg files
  • per workspace shared generator-, haml-helper-, static-, sass- and image files
  • inline sass and coffee script in haml files, inline_stylesheet_link_tag and inline_javascript_include_tag
  • partitial templates and layout files for haml


"Getting started"





Version 1.0.6

  • locals for partials
  • asset versions for images, scripts and styles
  • content_for haml implementation
  • rake task clean added, cleans dist path ehg --clean
  • rake task generate cleans now dist path
  • minimize generators now adding prefix to file extension only
  • fix default layout fallback
  • add description for haml templating (docs/HAMLTEMPLATING.md)

Version 1.0.5

  • refactor Generator::* and clean up code
  • implement Generator::Service::Sitemap
  • add repetitive feature to every generator
  • add generic support for analytic codes, not only for google
  • implement src:// and dest:// path expanding for all config values, streamline config names
  • streamline project.yml parameter names
  • you have to adjust your project.yml by adding path shortcuts to all your generators src:// and dest:// (see README for more path shortcuts) and rename some parameter names

Version 1.0.4

  • add src:// and dest:// path expanding to basic generators
  • raise on missing partial rendering
  • set thin server to debug level, see requests
  • extend bootsrap fixes
  • add headjs hide-* mixins and classes
  • better override path_to_stylesheet instead of hole stylesheet_link_tag method to make action_view_helper work with ehg
  • don’t cache combined result
  • create target dir on copy
  • add missing rubocop dev dependency

Version 1.0.3

  • bower target relative from dist folder not from dist/scripts folder
  • optimize rack for local pagespeed testing
  • fix directory listening
  • add Rack::ShowExceptions
  • project.uri_path retuns now relative paths

Version 1.0.2

  • fix generate all ehg -g
  • refactor rack app, use thin server
  • implement ehg as rack middleware

Version 1.0.1

  • setup instructions
  • travis integration
  • code coverage
  • rubocop rake task