What it is?

This is helper library used across Dtk components (dtk-server, dtk-repo-manager). Since it is included as dependency on Dtk components, there is no need for installing/configuring it separately. We use Gitolite for fine-grained access control to our component and service modules. One of the functionalities that dtk-common exposes is interaction with Gitolite via Gitolite Manager. Below is an example why and how Gitolite manager is used.

Gitolite manager usage

Manager takes responsibility of handling all gitolite methods (or at least most of them). Reason is simple, gitolite commit / push are expensive operations and we want to mitigate that fact by using manager, and making sure that all our changes are under one commit / push.

Example: Adding user/user group/all to repo configuration

manager = Gitolite::Manager.new('/home/git/gitolite-admin')

repo_conf = manager.open_repo('r8--cm--java')





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