drj/drjekyll - the missing static site theme package manager

jekyll command line tool


The drjekyll gem includes a command line tool that lets you manage static site theme packages. Try:

$ drjekyll --help      # or
$ drj -h

Resulting in:

    drjekyll/drj - jekyll command line tool .:. the missing static site theme package manager

    drjekyll/drj [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


    --help    - Show this message
    --verbose - (Debug) Show debug messages
    --version - Display the program version

    list, ls, l             - List themes
    new, n                  - Download 'n' setup (unzip/unpack) theme
    help                    - Shows a list of commands or help for one command

    download, dl, d, get, g - (Debug) Step 1: Download theme; .zip archive saved in working folder (./)
    unzip, setup, s         - (Debug) Step 2: Setup (unzip/unpack) theme; uses .zip archive in working folder (./)


List ThemesNew Theme

List Themes Command - list, ls, l


$ drjekyll list    # or
$ drjekyll ls      # or
$ drjekyll l       # or
$ drj l

Resulting in:

  1..Henry's Hello, Jekyll! (hello | hellojekyll | henryshellojekyll) by Gerald Bauer - #white #starter
  2..Henry's Starter (starter | henrysstarter) by Gerald Bauer - #white #starter
  3..Henry's Minimal (minimial | henrysminimal) by Gerald Bauer - #white #minimal #starter
  4..Henry's Bootstrap (bootstrap | henrysbootstrap) by Gerald Bauer - #bootstrap #scss #white #starter
  5..Henry's Classics Book (classics | henrysclassicsbook) by Gerald Bauer - #books #white
  6..Poole (poole) by Mark Otto - #poole
  7..Poole's Hyde (hyde | pooleshyde) by Mark Otto - #poole
  8..Poole's Lanyon (lanyon | pooleslanyon) by Mark Otto - #poole
  9..Beautiful Jekyll (beautifuljekyll) by Dean Attali

Note: You can filter by name or tags; just add the query e.g.:

$ drjekyll list resume    # or
$ drjkeyll ls resume      # or
$ drjkeyll l resume       # or
$ drj l resume

Resulting in:

 68..Resume Cards (resumecards) by Elle Kasai - #resume
104..iCard Resume (icardresume) by Dong Liang - #resume
109..Resume (resume) by Joel Glovier - #resume

New Theme Command - new, n

To download and install (unzip/unpack) a theme archive use:

$ drjekyll new starter    # or
$ drjekyll n starter      # or
$ drj n starter

This will download the starter.zip to your working folder and unzip the archive into the ./starter folder.

More Examples

To download and install (unzip/unpack):

  7..Poole's Lanyon (lanyon | pooleslanyon) by Mark Otto - #poole


$ drjekyll new lanyon     # or
$ drjekyll n lanyon       # or
$ drj      n lanyon

To download and install (unzip/unpack):

  8..Beautiful Jekyll (beautifuljekyll) by Dean Attali


$ drjekyll new beautifuljekyll   # or
$ drjekyll n beautifuljekyll     # or
$ drj      n beautifuljekyll

And so on and so forth.

More Themes

See the Dr. Jekyll's Themes directory.

More Quick Starter Wizard Scripts

See the Mr. Hyde's Scripts library.


Just install the gem:

$ gem install drjekyll


The drjekyll scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the wwwmake forum. Thanks!