download-profiles Gem Version

A simple CLI tool for downloading iOS and Mac provisioning profiles and installing them in the system.

(Based on Cupertino)


download-profiles requires the Xcode Command Line Tools, which can be installed with the following command:

xcode-select --install


To install:

gem install download-profiles

Before downloading profiles, you need to authenticate to Apple Developer Portal (you can also pass your login and password as parameters, but that's less convenient):

download-profiles login

Credentials are saved in the Keychain. You will not be prompted for your username or password by commands while you are logged in. (Mac only)



Downloads and installs all valid provisioning profiles.

download-profiles --platform mac

Installs all Mac profiles

download-profiles --platform ios --type distribution

Installs all iOS distribution (AdHoc) profiles.

For more info, check out download-profiles --help


Radek Pietruszewski

License and credits

download-profiles is based on Cupertino by Mattt Thompson. I merely removed everything from the code that wasn't related to provisioning profiles, added support for Mac profiles and changed the behavior so that profiles are installed (copied into user's ~/Library) instead of downloaded into the working directory.

download-profiles is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.