DoubleEntry Reporting

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In your application's Gemfile, add:

gem 'double_entry-reporting'

Download and install the gem with Bundler:


Generate Rails schema migrations for the required tables:

rails generate double_entry:reporting:install

Update the local database:

rake db:migrate

Development Environment Setup

  1. Clone this repo.

    git clone [email protected]:envato/double_entry-reporting.git && cd double_entry-reporting
  2. Run the included setup script to install the gem dependencies.

  3. Install MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. We run tests against all three databases.

  4. Create a database in MySQL.

    mysql -u root -e 'create database double_entry_reporting_test;'
  5. Create a database in PostgreSQL.

    psql -c 'create database double_entry_reporting_test;' -U postgres
  6. Specify how the tests should connect to the database

    cp spec/support/{database.example.yml,database.yml}
    vim spec/support/database.yml
  7. Run the tests

    bundle exec rake