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Backup your dotfiles to dropbox and restore them easily.


gem i dotbox


$ dotbox -h
  dotbox add          # Backup the file
  dotbox help [TASK]  # Describe available tasks or one specific task
  dotbox remove       # Remove the backuped file
  dotbox restore      # Restore all backuped files
  dotbox setup        # Setup bakbox

How does it works?

Assume that we have a file named /home/meck/.zshrc.

When you run dotbox add .zshrc, it equals running following commands:

$ mv /home/meck/.zshrc /home/meck/Dropbox/Apps/Dotbox/.zshrc
$ ln -s /home/meck/Dropbox/Apps/Dotbox/.zshrc /home/meck/.zshrc

When you run dotbox remove .zshrc, it equals running following commands:

$ rm /home/meck/.zshrc
$ mv /home/meck/Dropbox/Apps/Dotbox/.zshrc /home/meck.zshrc

When you run dotbox restore it will link all files in dropbox to their original postions.

Not only dotfiles

Acturally, dotbox can take care of any files or directories under your $HOME directory. For example:

$ dotbox add .oh-my-fish/custom